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Calgary, AB T2C 5R5

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Square Footage: 23,146

Owner: Glacier Village Condo Corporation

Location: Calgary, AB

Scope: Design/Build

Features: FalkPanel exterior insulated panels

Completion: November 2017

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Eurotex Industries Inc. 
Office and Shop Retrofit

In the fall of 2017, SBL Contractors completed a full scale exterior retrofit and upgrade of the Eurotex Industries office.  SBL removed and replaced the building cladding, utilizing modern panels and upgraded signage to improve the curb appeal and functionality of the structure.  To complete the package, SBL managed the city application and approval processes, provided a fully paved and fenced yard, and upgraded the property's landscaping, all while allowing the business to continue their daily operations throughout the construction process.

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Square Footage: 14,960

Owner: SpringAir Acoustics

Location: Airdrie, AB

Scope: Design and supply of structure and envelope

Features: Hidden SSR on office and multi tenant capacity.

Completion: November 2014


Square Footage: 27,000

Owner: Champion Concrete

Location: Rocky View, AB

Scope: Design/Build

Features: Multiple skylights

Completion: April 2017


Square Footage: 4,160

Owner: R.B. Somerville Company Ltd.

Location: Rocky View, AB

Scope: Design and supply of structure and envelope

Features: Interior epoxy floors and skylights

Completion: April 2016