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SBL Contractors is proud to have developed a safety program that is tailored to meet the demands of the construction industry. We provide ongoing safety training to both our employees and subcontractors, and conduct frequent audits to ensure that our safety standards are being met and upheld on all of our sites. SBL Contractors is proud to be COR certified and to have maintained an exemplary safety record throughout all of our years in business.


SBL's extensive construction experience gives us a distinct advantage in the field of construction management, where we are engaged to directly oversee the planning, design and construction of a project from its beginning to its end. Our successful completion of various design-build projects gives us an excellent understanding of the design process, and our experience in the field of general contracting naturally lends itself to managing the implementation and coordination of planning, design, and estimating. Because we have executed many projects during the construction phase, we are able to recognize pitfalls during pre-construction, and reduce and mitigate potential risks on a client's behalf.

Through each phase of construction, SBL’s responsibility is to the owner, and to keeping the project within the owner’s budget and timeline. Our team of qualified and professional project management professionals work diligently with the owner to ensure that the project execution meets the owner's expectation.

SBL is able to operate under various fee structures and contract types (e.g. unit price, cost plus, design build and stipulated price) to meet the client's needs.

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