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SBL Contractors is proud to have developed a safety program that is tailored to meet the demands of the construction industry. We provide ongoing safety training to both our employees and subcontractors, and conduct frequent audits to ensure that our safety standards are being met and upheld on all of our sites. SBL Contractors is proud to be COR certified and to have maintained an exemplary safety record throughout all of our years in business.

"SBL Contractors is a great company to work for. We’ve been working alongside SBL for over five years now, and they’ve turned into our best client.  Their company has managed to hire a great team of knowledgeable, hard working people that make the jobs we do run smooth and efficient from start to finish.  As a sub trade to SBL we have no complaints to give.  SBL Contractors gives us steady work, always pays on time, and are a pleasure to work with. We at AS-One Mechanical Inc. hope to carry this relationship far into the future." 
 Adrian Swain
Director | AS-One Mechanical Inc.

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General contracting is the traditional method of project delivery, typically delivered under a lump sum or cost-reimbursement contract.  As a general contractor, SBL becomes involved after the client has already engaged an engineer or architect to design the project, and to prepare the required drawings and specifications. Upon reviewing the project specifications, SBL will submit an estimate in a fixed price proposal or a cost-plus-price, taking into consideration the cost of labour, materials, and general conditions. This method allows the client  to compare pricing in a competitive bidding system, and is typically the method preferred for all public entities.

As a general contractor, SBL is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site. This involves the management of trades and vendors, and the communication of information to all involved teams throughout the entire construction process. SBL handles the procurement of all material, labour, equipment, and services necessary for the completion of the project. This includes the hiring of subcontractors, and taking responsibility for their work. SBL works diligently to maintain excellent relationships and communication with our vendors and subcontractors to ensure that the end result for our clients is a well executed and high quality product.

As a general or prime contractor, SBL also has the opportunity to put our excellent safety program to work via the following:

  • coordinating the OH&S efforts of all the trades or subcontractors on the worksite;
  • ensuring that trades are communicating effectively in relation to health and safety;
  • providing centralized management of controlled products through WHMIS;
  • ensuring that everyone on the worksite has access to first aid services and supplies;
  • investigating serious workplace injuries;
  • ensuring the safety of shared facilities;
  • intervening to protect workers where imminent danger is detected;
  • documenting and reporting all safety related items including meetings, near misses, and incidents, and providing this data to the client as needed.


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