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Westleaf Battleford
Cultivation Centre

With an overall footprint of 133,000sq.ft, the Westleaf Battleford project is a state-of-the-art facility loaded with specialized equipment.  Undertaken as a design-build, the Battleford project will become an industry leading facility.

Phase 1 completion estimated Spring 2020.

Solutions Driven

Propak 925

Building Addition

Housing an impressive array of heavy-duty cranes, the building addition to the Propak 925 operation in Airdrie, AB, will provide greater flexibility and operational efficiencies for the Propak team.  Further, the unique, expansive overhead door systems provide a unique engineering challenge, one that SBL has been able to successfully complete.

Projected completion Summer 2020.

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Thunderchild First Nation
Wellness Centre

The Thunderchild First Nation Health and Wellness Centre

is currently undergoing design and engineering.

Located just north of Turtleford, SK, the facility will house

an ice rink, field house, exercise gym, running track, medical facilities, daycare and banquet hall.

Project completion target 2022.